what is 12th chromosome abnormality?

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Answered: What do 12th grade pants look like?

highschool today guys wear the dickies pants with the cell pocket on the side they come in different colors black is popular

Answered: How many chromosomes in a human zygote and in a human gamete?

A human gamete (sperm or egg) typically has 23 chromosomes. Two gametes fuse to create the zygote. Thus, a human zygote typically has 23 pairs of chromosomes, or 46 chromosomes in total. (One pair -- in other words, two chromosomes -- are sex chromosomes (X or Y).)

Answered: Abnormal blood

If you know which test is abnormal and you know the score you got on that test you can go here to find out: http://www.amarillomed.com/howto.htm

Answered: Abnormal cell growth

Likely some form of pre cancerous cell growth. GYN cancers are not all related to the human papaloma virus (HPV). Hopefully, you have been checked out by now.

Answered: At L2-L3 after previous surgery. There is abnormal ...

Actually I give out the answer after seeing my Doctor in the near future, this along with many other back problems were on the results of my MRI, and I was trying to get a answer in plain english as I usually have to ask the Dr. several time's to explain it inplain ...
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