what is 0.417 as a fraction?

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Answered: Math

.6976744 = 1/1.4333333 = 1/(4/3+1/10) = 30/(40+3)=30/43 which comes out to .6976744 to 7 places. Or as OronD said, it is 6,976,744/10,000,000 but reduced to lowest terms it is 872,093/1,250,000.

Answered: Converting fractions to percents.

5/9 = 0.5555555556 * 100 = 55. and all that repeating nonsense, so.... 55.5 Percents are usually restrained in thus case to two integers, so... 56% ====

Answered: What fraction of time was spent during drills total amount of time was 90

Hi Jakall, 20*100/90 = 22.2% was spent on actual drilling and 70*100/90 = 77.8% was spent inbetween the actual drillings. Best regards,

Answered: 12 children shared 2 medium-size pizzas equally. what fraction of 1 whole

Quite possibly by now you have already understood this, but in case you still find it a bit tricky I will try to explain further. Imagine a pizza divided into 6 pieces. (It does not matter that it is medium). If you had another one also divided into 6 pieces and you were looking at these two ...

Answered: Under what circumstances would the GCF be equal to the numerator of a

GCF/n(GCF) would be the fraction, where n is not equal to GCF, but is an integer.
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How do i change a fraction into a percentage, eg ...

To change a fraction to a percentage, remember that a percentage is per hundred. So if you have a number like 1/5, that is equivalent to 20/100 and the percentage is 20%. For 33/50, you can multiply both numerator and denominator by 2 to get 66/100 which is 66%. For 3/10, multiply numerator and ...

Express 0.7 inch as a fraction with a denominator of 32

Hi, 0.7 = 7/10 = 7*3.2 / 32 = 22.4/32 Best regards,

What is a fraction between one third and five sixths whose denominator is

Well, 1/3 == 4/12 5/6 == 10/12 So any fraction between the two would be the answer 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 8/12 9/12

What is simplification of fraction 75/2174?

75/2174 does not simplify. In order to reduce it, you need a common factor in the numerator and denominator. The numerator factors into 3 x 5 x 5, but the denominator is not divisible by 5 because it does not end in 5 or 0, and it is not divisible by 3, so there are no common factors. 75/2175 is ...