what instrument does Ernie play on Sesame street?

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Answered: What is a 15 volume Sesame Street Treasury worth?

Hi Dana, unfortunately, there are numerous copies of these books, including complete sets. In my reference works, the highest price I found was $78, BUT, I doubt if anyone would pay that. Most sources list about $2 each, if you can find a buyer. You could try ebay but I would be surprised if you ...

Answered: Sesame street connection?

New York City is also proclaiming November 10 Sesame Street Day, the show of Big Bird. November 4th was Big Bird's Birthday. Why we're wasting valuable time on the birthday of a large yellow puppet is beyond me, but it was given the royal treatment, and Big Bird's Birthday was featured by a ...

Answered: Porn on Sesame Street: Where Do Bad Guys Draw the Line?

Mickey Mouse has been used for years, why be surprised about this?

Answered: How is Play Cou spelled, near the Cambodian Boarder, Viet Nam?

I think you mean Pleiku. There was an air base there.

Answered: Why is it important to play an instrument?

The only thing I can say is try an instrument. And you will know why it is important and if you don't then maybe you weren't made for music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvar4ZsqsEo&mode=related&search=
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