what if urine has a small film after peeing sometimes?

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Answered: How many ounces of weight will an adult male lose in a single

Not enough to matter. A pint of urine weighs around 1 pound.


Does not smell very much at all in fact is sterile unless the lady has an infection.

Answered: Who has a larger diameter stream of pee, a male or a woman (when

I found half of the answer : Doctors reviewed 24-hour 'urinary diaries' of both men and women and recorded fluid intake and urinary frequency. They found that women do pee more often than men but not because they drink more. When men finally feel the urge, they tend to pee in higher volumes than ...

Answered: Is it possible to pee while standing on one's head?

Not speaking from experience... () I think gravity is more of an enabling factor rather than a necessary one. People do urinate under water and even in space. I think it's unlikely that anyone will urinate standing on the head because nobody's that incontinent, but theoretically it is probably ...

Answered: Urge to urinate

Besides, such nocturnal urination urgency is one of the most common symptoms of prostate problems. Find more info here - Prostate problems symptoms So, I recommend to see your doctor for proper urogenital system and prostate diagnostics and treatment.
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How to rid a dresser drawer of rat urine odor and stain.

I think you're right, Bones. However, if the drawer is removed from the dresser, cover the bottom of the drawer with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and let it stand for a day. Vacuum out the soda, and wash out the drawer using a very strong soap and water solution. Dishwasher soap, like Cascade ...

Why do some people urinate when they are afraid or really frightened?

Duirng childhood we wet the bed. And because most mother's are stupid they yell at the oftening child making them worse. All thier life they associtate fear and urinating. To make things even worse we hit putery where we are faced with many penile ejacualtons. This time its our girlfriends who scare ...

Every time I have sex I get extremely close to an ...

I agree w/ both to an extent, but if I were you, I'd go to the bathroom ,right right before sex. Quit drinking 'til after. Tell him exactly what you're trippin' on, lay a towel down, then when it happens check it out with him, see what he thinks it is. If he thinks it's urine, he'll show a reaction ...