what if someone fibroids are the size of a 13 week pregnancy?

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Answered: Pregnancy

Visit this site for more information.http://docturs.com/dd/

Answered: Am I pregnant?

Hi there, you are definitely pregnant. You should also know when you are ovulating so that you are aware if that day is safe or not. I will share with you a site that helped me calculate my ovulation period and more. I hope this could help you too, good luck. http://www.ovulation-predictor.org/

Answered: Why is it that in this 2nd pregnancy I feel more ...

Every pregnancy is different but if you're worried, talk to your doctor.

Answered: Fibroids and pregnancy

This website has some great information on Pregnancy and Fibroids. It can be scary but possible to deliver baby with not a lot of problems.http://www.fibroids-and-endometriosis-help.com/pregnancy-and-fibroids.html

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?
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I agree. But the best way if your in a "wrong place n time" situation is just to ignore it until you can take care of it. I suggest a personal massager if your sug. other isn't able to be there at that specific time that you need them. I had that problem when I was expecting, the hubby worked third ...

Increasing heart beat while eating in 13th week of pregnancy

Your blood volume increases during pregnancy, and your heart works harder. Some women feel a stronger pulse, and eating can cause this. In about a month you might start feeling movements, which is very special :-)

Announcing pregnancy before 12 weeks

Pregnancy is often announced after a positive HPT. Most will become positive about a week after conception.

After which week can I have a healthy baby but still be premature?

Any baby born before week 38 is considered premature. Usually babies born after week 35 are considered healthy and their lungs should be functional at this stage. My baby was born at week 36 and was perfectly healthy