what if my perm did not take can I reperm it?

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Answered: Perm

you can wait two weeks to perm your hair, normally you supposed to use a mild perm when your hair is permanently dye.

Answered: Perms & surgery

Well it sure works cause you can't eat much anymore. But there is no guarantee the weight loss will last forever. If after a few years you messed up with your diet again, you will still gain weight. It's also a very dangerous and painful process, should only be taken by a person that severely ...

Answered: Perming extremely curly hair

if you use large perm rods and not alot of them you won't need to straighten it first. if you are african american, i would just get a softer hair straighten.

Answered: Straightening a perm?

They have just brought out the new Mk4 model, go for that. It has dual voltage so she can use it anywhere in the world and it also has a timer that allows it to turn itself off if left on by accident. I have medium length hair and I have the narrower ones as well as the wide ones, although I use ...

Answered: Hair breakage at the scalp after a perm. It isn't all the hair but high

don't dye your hair before a perm or get one if your hair is sun damaged, don't get them too often either. salons are out to make money, they won't turn you away when they should. it's also true that if you are having surgery the anesthesia will ruin your perm. wait till after you have it done

Answered: How do curly perms typically turn out?

Stop Getting Perms.. n start getting --Just For me Texture Softenerz--dis will make ur hair grow n bring back all ur natural curls n waves n texture of ur hair..U apply it juz like a perm..I stop get perms like a yr ago and start using Just for me Texture Softener n my hair grew like 6inches and it ...
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I got my hair permed then colored then relaxed. Now its severly damaged

Well there is No way to tell you this but you have to get your hair cut and then dont perm it or relax it stop with the dyes to the only way to kepp your hair straight and colored is to let grow natural an get a rinse. Rinse is color but whem you wash your hair it goes away. Dye has alot of ...

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Better not to experiment much with the hair, unless you have strong hair. Rony - hair loss products

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I will suggest you to wait for atleast 6 months. Rony - hair loss treatment