what if i wanted to be a womans human toilet forever?

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Answered: How to remove a bemis elongated toilet seat

2 bolts under the rear of the seat is all it is.

Answered: Who are the troglodytes that are responsible for ...

It's probably us, steve. All of us. The people making the stuff. The people advertising the stuff. The people selling the stuff. The people buying the stuff. What if we had feed the hungry parties instead of office parties? What if we used the money spent on gifts to clothe the needy? What if we ...

Answered: Woman Stuck to Toilet two Years

yes, his money and/or well fair lot's of women don't work in this world. besides, how much money are you gonna spend when your only need is food? I doubt very much someone who lives on a toilet for two years cares if the lights go out.

Answered: Toilet back-ups

First, plunge as much water out of the bowl as possible. Pour one (1) gallon of apple cider vinegar in the stopped up toilets; let set over night. Flush the next day. It works for me. Using toilet paper made for septic tank use would also be helpful.

Answered: I've heard you can "toilet train" cats to use human toilets. I would love

We have had clients try this product. Cat toilet training is not easy but can be done.
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How can a woman get stuck in a toilet for 18 hours ...

You can get facebook fans from http://famecrowd.com/, they start delivering the fans within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

How do I fix a very noisy toiletI have a new Kohler toilet that has a

It seems to me that it's either defective or not adjusted properly. A new toilet, especially a well known brand like Kohler, should not make excessive noise. Complicated float system or not.

How high is the handicapp toilet?

The 2003 International Plumbing Codes Handbook states: A handicap toilet will rise to a height of between 16 and 20 inches off the finished floor. 18 inches is a common height for most handicap toilets.

Toilet filling problems

If you live in city , temp. in house melts ice. turn temp. up, If you live in a country area pour hot water and draino in toilet.