what if a clock falls off the wall?

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Answered: Where can I find the best selection of wall clocks? I'd really like to

lawlessleather@aol.com contact and you can have a custom lclock made exactly the way you want it. but be warned tese items do not have walmart price tags high dollar but for the work you get very reasonable. thanks ///>wallie

Answered: Reinserting gears in cuckoo clock that fell off the wall and ...

Yeah, you need to get the clock repaired by a professional. It's a complex machine that takes knowledge and special tools to repair.

Answered: Do you still keep a wall clock at home?

Yes, I like my atomic clock. As for my cellphone, I don't like using that, even to make phone calls.

Answered: What to use for a very heavy wall texture?

That'll work on a light wall, too. Bubba

Answered: I have a howard miller wall clock and the chimes ...

the hour hand is only attached by friction and can be pointed at any hour it is the minute hand which is attached on a four sided post and as long as it's hand nut remains secured it will always chime the proper sequence or correct itself to the proper sequence after playing through to the 3/4 hour ...
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Why sessions regulator wall clocks have double springs

The clock you mention is undoubtably a "striking clock". One spring drives the clock mechanism itself and the other drives the strike. It would be characteristic for this type of clock to always strike it's gong once on the half-hour and then count each hour with the appropriate number of hits. The ...

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yedda, I still can't find the kitcken clock in metal or stainless steel art nouveau pattern. I would appreciate you still looking out for me. Thanks again. Fran