what huge secret has ellen degenorous been hiding?

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Answered: Hi Ellen...Have you ever considered bringing your ...

Hi, Janice: This forum is for questions regarding the Ellen website. You can email Ellen (click to click) with questions and comments.

Answered: Unable to submit video on the site "http://ellen.warnerbros.com

Thanks for letting me know. The help article below should provide you with the instructions you need. How to submit photos and videos to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Answered: How do I buy Ellen merchandise?

Try http://ellen.warnerbros.com/ ; there's a link to "Shop." Also, if you Google "Ellen Degeneres" you'll get to another site (not the one listed above, but something similar). And if you scroll down the side of that page, there is a link which supposedly takes you to Ellen Degeneres products; I'd ...

Answered: Using wheat bran in Hide tanning

My guess is, if it would they would of mentioned it.

Answered: Is Ellen the Right Choice for JC Penny?

A year later, JC Penney sales are down. 2012 sales were down 25% from the previous year. So maybe these are not people that Penney can do without.

Answered: Do You Hide Things from Your Doctor?

Yes, there have been some thing I hid in my past. I'm guilty of it.
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A serious answer mixed with good humor. The best of both worlds. Rock on, Double D Dave.

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She is a hermaphrodite

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