What hormones lead to the maturation of both sperm and egg?

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Answered: Sperm donation

No age required if it had started to flow, then you can start donating.

Answered: Has anybody gone through ivf treatment to find at ...

I've never had this experience. It sounds terrible. To go through all the hassle just to be disappointed... I do know of people who have kids now after two or three treatments (there are also people who undergo 10 or more treatments, but I hope you won't have to get there...)

Answered: Decorating eggs - how?

Try to learn the Ukrainian style of making them, you have to start know on the process..a work of art, easier to buy them. Husband that passed away knew the art.. Sweet G 5/14/11 #1

Answered: Sperm Donors

You can check on www.free-sperrm-donations.com or www.co-parentmatch.com, www.co-parents.net or www.freednr.com Good luck

Answered: Are bio identical hormones made of the same ingredients as

bio- identical are obtained from plants while the traditional estrogen is from the urine of horses.

Answered: Male to female hormones

Some argue that hormonal therapy does not truly masculinize or feminize, the question is one of definitions. If by masculinize and feminize one means to completely reproduce the male or female biological state, that cannot be done with current medical or surgical therapy. However, the goal of HRT ...
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Hormonal regulation largely affects the rate of depression in women. Estrogen depletion, also known as menopausal symptoms, illustrates increased depressive rates and vasomotor instability (hot flashes). http://www.hghchannel.com/

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