what hook size for sheepshead?

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Answered: Hook Size

By the size of the mouth of the fish they are fishing for. The hook has to be small enough for the fish to bite it along with the bait. If it is too large, no fish, they will just eat the bait and swim away. It is usually better to go smaller than larger and a large fish will swallow a small hook ...

Answered: Largest Hook Size

the larger hook would be a size 2

Answered: Where did the name Sheepshead Bay come from?

It was a really nice Summer area. Will look into it.

Answered: Shed sizes

Hey Eva or Sonny - OronD is right, it really could be any size. I found a solid tool to help choose a shed size some time ago. It allows you to choose the items you want to put in, rather than basing it just on size. It's branded, but the sizes are pretty generic if you'd like to buy some other ...

Answered: What is the man ring size 3 3/16inchs

You should be measuring the circumference of the finger, not the length. mg-jewelry.com/ringsizechart.html has a size chart.

Answered: What size hook is bigger?

The larger the hook number is, the smaller the actual hook size is, as measured across the distance between the point and the shank. A number 14 hook, for example, is tiny, with just a bit more than 1/8 inch gap. A number 2 hook is fairly large, with nearly 5/8 inch gap. The sizes then go to 1/0 ...
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How does a fisherman know what size fish hook

This would depend on one or more of the following: What type of fish you are fishing for. The bait you will be using. The conditions of the water. If the fish are biting.