what has the impact of medicare on the healthcare system?

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Answered: What has been the impact of medicare on healthcare systems?

I agree with bonestructure, the rich always gets away with everything and it is the poor who suffers, medicare will surely be a program that will support rich and will suppress poor, that is why I am in favor of educating the poor so they can also be the part of our society and can contribute in the ...

Answered: Why is there no premium for the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage

Because the Medicare Advantage program is subsidized by the government. Some plans even refund up to $99.60 toward your Part B costs! See our site for better and independent plans at http://seniorsavingsnetwork.org


Well, i believe the insurance package has universal coverage for all species! If you get ill, either take an overcounter given medication without consulting an expert or admit that the universal medical coverage is one of the best things that have ever happened to america...:O)

Answered: In terms of "Socialism" how is Medicare any different that a public

One was funded by your F.I.C.A.The other is funded by other people

Answered: Can I get medicare health plans input from members who have been in for

I have been a medicare insurance agent for 20 years. Don't let your doctor tell you what plans to take. They will want you to take HMOs so they can make more money and not do much for you. Those plans you mentioned are medicare advantage plans. Obama in his last speach said he wanted to do away ...

Answered: If Medicare/Medicaid is broke - How will the government provide

The reason why Americans are up in arms about Health Care is simple. For most Americans, the fact that stimulus plans, cask for clunkers, welfare programs, etc. don't work doesn't really bother them because, in the end, those failed programs don't impact them individually (most of us aren't on ...
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What is the better medicare advantage PPO plan for the money, in

Eldon - It's hard to say without knowing the specifics of your health, prescriptions, etc. It might be best for you to check out the Medicare.gov site to find out more information on what different plans offer. You can also try a site that compares plans based on your specific needs. I live in MD ...

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Hell no.!! These cheap bas..... would screw you over six ways to Sunday. You would probably see a veterinarian.