What has John Bul Dau been up to lately?

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Answered: 42 yrs old, crampy but period 10 days late. Is this menopause??

I have to agree. See your doc. As they say in bridge, a peek is worth two finesses.

Answered: What type of glass did john lennon wear

http://www.framesdirect.com/framesfc/John_Lennon-lamcoi-pr-l.html <<<<

Answered: What about John Avanzini's teaching about ...

I'm not familiar with Avanzini's teaching. However if he says we can command God to do things for us, he is sadly mistaken.

Answered: Where can i download john stewart songs

Here, John Stewart songs , using an mp3 search engine .

Answered: Can sedation cause a late period?

Many things can effect your period. An airplane journey can make a period early and stress can delay it. It could be a combination fo the colonoscopy and your birthday, so i would not worry too much.
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How are penalties for late mortgage payments determined?

Most (it can vary) mortgage companies charge an initial (payment is over 15 days late but under 30 days late) fee of 5% of the payment amount. Your loan docs will specify this. If you are 30 days or more late, they can bring on all sorts of fees. Hope this helps. Mortgage Buyer

John Mayer Is A Twitter Quitter

I can't say that I followed him on Twitter, but I can imagine his critics are disappointed he's gone, as now they have less to rag on him for.

Late payment by employer

I think that it may be best to talk to a lawyer regarding this situation, in order to get the best and most accurate advice.

Menstrual is 5 days late clear discharge and cramps no spotting

If your period is 5 days late, take a home pregnancy test to be sure that you are not pregnant but it could also just be caused by you being sick or stressed. If you are worried go and see a doctor.