what has 5 faces,8 edges, and 5 vertices,what shape is this?

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It is almost impossible to make suggestions on specific hairstyles based on a few details of the hair and/or face. However, most often, persons with thin faces look best with hairstyles that offer extra volume on the sides. You might try getting a layered haircut and curling the hair to create ...

Answered: Face shape

You have beautiful hair. You shouldn't change it!

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A center bang with a little curl under would be cuteee also cut it a little about your shoulder and get lots of layers...if your hair is dark maybe lighten it up a little alsoo

Answered: How to introduce 6 grade students to Sides, Edges, Faces, Vertices?

Personally, I would shown the any solid and name the parts. PGs suggestion certainly has merit to it. You could use your desk as a visual aid.

Answered: What's the holly face means?

This is Buddy Holly
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