what happens when you you break a pfa order?

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Answered: Lois D. Temple order. I received your email. My ...

Lois, the Internet is not one company. We don't know what company you ordered from. You will have to call them.

Answered: Can I order prescriptions glasses online?

What attracts me most is the information I get from a website www.finestglasses.com which is actually a professional online glasses store. If you visit this site, what give you a deep impression are the variety of glasses and the cheap price of them. Surly, you will find many beautiful images of the ...

Answered: Is the recipent of a California restraining order considered a felon?

A restraining order is NOT a conviction. But if you violate it, it could be.

Answered: What is considered an unsafe condition in order to break a lease to a new

I'll give you my opinions; these are not necessarily what your state law says. And the landlord has to be given notice of the problems, and a reasonable time to fix them. Unhealthy conditions might include a leaky toilet that isn't fixed, or water not fit to drink, or no hot water. Unsafe might ...

Answered: Open orders in cart

Depending on what browser you are using, you may be able to look at your History of web sites visited. For AOL, there is a downward arrow to the right of the window at the top where you enter addresses. That won't tell you which ones you might have started an open order, but it will let you look ...

Answered: Arrested on suspicion of criminal damage

It's interesting that you said your mother wasn't actually caught on CCTV, and not that she didn't do it! Given that statement, she is probably going to stand trial for whatever offense she was arrested for. Did she commit the crime, and trying to defend herself, or putting all of her eggs in"That ...
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How do I go about getting a PFA lifted against someone that I had one

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

My wife has a pfa against me can i visit her neighbor or would that be a

If a "pfa" is some type of restraining order (that states that you must stay away from your wife) there may be some distance requirement, i.e., that you cannot be within 100 yards of her home, place of employment, etc. So if visiting her neighbor means violating the order, why not have the neighbor ...

I would like to talk to someone about my order that i returned

You can talk all you want but we can't help you here.

Why are court orders not enforced?

Court orders are issued, but they are hard to enforce. If it is an order for someone to pay, they might not have the cash, or they don't want to pay. You may need to get more court orders to seize assets or garnish wages. If it is a protective order, the court does not send a policeman to stand ...