What happens when you refuse to get a pacemaker?

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Answered: What can go wrong with a pacemaker

Here are some pacemaker complications ... I hope this is what you're looking for.

Answered: Are MRIs safe for people with pacemakers?

I'd be surprised if they were. I remember when they asked me if I ever got a metal shaving in my eye because the magnet would suck it right thru my eyelid.

Answered: What do you do when a doctor refuses to treat you

Rocmike aka Punslinger, you fool no one. You could put any moniker on any of your posts and no one could tell them apart. That was stupid. You already do that.

Answered: I had a pacemaker implanted in Sept. 02. I am ...

It's very likely the car accident has agitated the heart problem and caused you to have to have the pacemaker replaced prematurely. I would suggest speaking with your doctor about your concerns. Good luck.

Answered: What can I do if a non-custodial parents lives out ...

HI,I don't understand why this parent has your chiold and will not retutn her back to you.Even after a court has order him to do so.HE is not the real parent you are.Your 17 year old child is old enough to speak out to say she wants to come home with you.Maybe there is a reason that she wants to be ...
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pace maker made a ding sound.

The pacemaker is made to do this... it could need a new batery, or she could have a problem that needs to be looked at. Either way, you need to get her to the doctor, to make sure that everything is OK. Good luck.

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Pacemaker: How does Dr. decide to use a single or double lead

If my memoty serves me, a double lead pacemaker is used to make the upper chambers beat before the lower chambers. This is the way that the heart normally works. If the lower chambers are doing a really bad job, then I think that this is the reason that a double lead PM would be used. JayR