What happens when technological advance makes available a new highly productive capital good for which MP/P is greater than for the labor for which it?

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Answered: What is the capital of New York?

Albany is the capital of new york.

Answered: How can anyone say that capitalism works when ...

steve- if you truly believe that another system is better, what is the reason that you do not behoove yourself to go live under those conditions?

Answered: Has anyone heard of Make It Happen Auto Repair in Bayshore New York, or

I'm not from the area but you might try looking at www.insiderpages.com or www.angieslist.com to see what others had to say about the company's service.

Answered: Is our system capitalism or still mercantilism ...

If you are a lazy, no account deadbeat, riding the communist gravy train might seem pretty nice. But when you look at the price you'd pay for that, you'd regret ever giving in to that totalitarian nightmare. If you don't like it here, go to North Korea.

Answered: Advice for high school freshman

Starting high school is a big change, but can also be a bit scary and exciting at the same time. What you are going to notice is that the school is much bigger and there are going to be a lot more people. It might be intimidating at first and you are not going to know where to go and where your ...

Answered: How can i get aol on my new hp desk top

First you download AOL software in your new hp desktop then install this software and you can take as a your home Page. 1. Go on AOL.com 2. Click on "Make AOL Your Homepage." 3. "Use this web page as your only home page." Click "Yes" to save your settings. 4. Click on the "AOL.Com" tab of your ...
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