what happens if your ohio nursing license lapsed?

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Answered: What happens if i drive with a license that has a ...

I don't think you can drive legally. If you do get pulled over, you could get a huge ticket or even arrested. Check with the local DMV office to figure out how to extend your temporary license.

Answered: Why are there no Monarchs in NE Ohio yet this summer

I reckon Michelle hasn't visited yet.

Answered: Need to renew my LVN license

Each state will have their own guidelines & requirements. You can probably get any info. from your state nursing board at their website.

Answered: How do you find out if someone is a registered nurse in ohio

Try searching the link below. https://odhlogin.odh.ohio.gov/nar/nar_registry_search.aspx

Answered: County Numbers on License plates in Ohio. I would ...

If you go to the site, bmv.ohio.gov/county/county-codes.htm, you will find the codes for all 88 counties. (Mine is 50 for Mahoning Co). I hope this information will be helpful for you.

Answered: How do I apply for the senior discount for license plates ?

visit: www.cyberdriveillinois.com/services and click on Services for Seniors .
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This web site has the majority of states. If a state is not listed there is a link to the state nursing board. http://www.healthguideusa.org/nursing_license_lookup.htm

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You can apply online with the Florida BON. You did not say if you have a permanent address in Florida. If you do, then apply for your Florida license and then notify the New York State BON of your new Florida address and keep you New York license current. The state of New York is not being greedy ...

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I'm not quite sure how it works with controlled substances but I do know people who have been convicted of felony charges ncluding murdedr and armed robbery and have gotten a nursing license, this includes my own mother. Be honest and show what you have done to change your life. Programs, letters ...

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Contact the Board of nursing in FLorida. Applicant Information - Florida Board of Nursing - Applicant Information Tennessee is a Compact state (https://www.ncsbn.org/158.htm ) which means you can work in any of the Compact states without obtaining a new license. If you are changing residence then ...