what happens if the gastric sleeve is to tight?

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Answered: What really happened to me?

How would anything Tadpole-Vega says matter? What happened to our resident psychotic? I don't know that it matters.

Answered: Where to find colored tights?

Stores that sell supplies for dance generally have a large selection of tights, among other things.

Answered: What would happen if I had gastric bypass with low iron

Kathy, They will start you on an over the counter iron supplement and if that does not change your level enough they will put you on a prescription in which the dosage is a lot higher. I also think there may be injections available. Just curious, have you already had your by-pass? It is an ...

Answered: How the remaining of the stomach after gastric sleeve operation is taken

By the same laparoscopic port holes... The stomach is known to have an amazing elasticity... Se more at www.docs-mx.com

Answered: Getting a gastric by pass revision after age 67

I need a revision on gastric bypass stapling done in 1984 I am 67 has anyone done this at my age and why

Answered: What is the process for gastric sleeve?

the sleeve originally started as a 2 step process : It has been performed by bariatric surgeons for quite some time, but usually as the first part of a two-stage operation. Originally, the gastric sleeve surgery was designed to be followed up by a second procedure, either gastric bypass or duodenal ...
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