what happens at a pretrial hearing?

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Answered: What would happen if appeals was eliminated from the system as a whole

I assume you mean appeals in criminal trials. Disaster would happen. Procedural errors are made in trials that have nothing to do with the guilt or non guilt of the person being tried but can bias a trial so badly that it must be held again. New evidence, or a counter to evidence ...

Answered: Please be advised that the term, “hearing impaired ...

Amen amen i am deaf myself! I do not enjoy this terminology because my being impaired is much different from others. For instance, i can do anything as you do except my hearing. I can read the communication 20 blocks away from my spot, can you? Gotta? --deafacts2414

Answered: My mom didn't want to use a hearing aid, but at ...

Well tell her that if they work get them. I have two that cove my whole ear and they work good. Being vain never helped me hear.

Answered: Can you improve your hearing naturally?

Improve Your Hearing Naturally - Natural Methods To Improve Your

Answered: Hearing device

i'm thinkin' an artificial larynx. LUCK !!!!!!!!!!! ~t
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What is a pretrial hearing for disorderly conduct?

To determine whether a jury trial is warranted. With disorderly conduct (if weapons weren't involved) it's probably a tactic to press you into copping a plea. Take the advice of your attorney (if s/he isn't court appointed).

Can i reverse hearing loss?

Unfortunately, in most cases hearing loss does not improve. However, some types of hearing loss can be caused by problems which may be treated medically, such as ear infections or a perforated ear-drum. These types of loss can often improve. If the loss is a nerve loss, as is most hearing loss ...

Compensation for work-related hearing loss

It is known to be an industrial deafness claim or deafness claim, it is the company or employers duty to compensate their employees or workers if they had experience an accident or any kind of sickness because of the job they are doing.

New Bluetooth hearing aids..are they any good?

Yes they are but not more than its use.