what happenned to lucy rosenberg and paul teuttel on american chopper?

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Answered: On american chopper


Answered: Palin unclear about Paul Revere?

This is Par for the Palin. Who the hell knows what she ment. If she makes a mistake we all know she attempts to bamboozle everyone thereafter so it looks cutsey wootsey. Good Grief. Lady Darko

Answered: Why hasn't Rand Paul been institutionalized? He ...

Rich people are eccentric and eccentric people don't get institutionalized. Poor people on the other hand.... Dave http://www.automartnv.com

Answered: What happened on Paul Tutul Jrs. american chopper ...

There were 2 workers working on the roof-(NOT related to anyone on the show) and sadly, one of the workers fell through the roof, landing on the floor, inside of the building. It's very sad.

Answered: Which is right, Tuttle or Teutul?

teutul is the way it is spelled

Answered: What would happen if appeals was eliminated from the system as a whole

I assume you mean appeals in criminal trials. Disaster would happen. Procedural errors are made in trials that have nothing to do with the guilt or non guilt of the person being tried but can bias a trial so badly that it must be held again. New evidence, or a counter to evidence ...
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