what happened with david pierce, chonda pierce's husband?

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Answered: Whats piercing hurts least??

All kinds of piercing usually hurts a little bit..But you can still have a safe piercing by following specific guidelines..First you should go for standardized piercing experts shops..Check for the instruments they are using whether it is sterilized or not.. After that, have a look at the artist how ...

Answered: when your piercing is still in the healing process is it okay to be in

Well, it's a little iffy, but I can't see too much risk. If you're worried, try to find some clear latex bandages. Put a little piece of gauze over the actual piercing (you don't want the latex to stick to the piercing, dig) then put a large enough latex sheet over that to cover the entire area. It ...

Answered: I totally respect cultures where piercing a baby's ...

What is there to respect in punching holes in the body and sticking foreign objects into them? It's barbaric self-mutilation and a futile attempt to improve on the natural beauty of the human body. I hope Lady Gaga doesn't decide to gouge her eye out and replace it with a shiny bangle because a ...

Answered: Can you have piercings while being pregnant? like face piercings and ear

during pregnancy you can go for piercing over face

Answered: What is the risk of getting a piercing when you are pregnant

I don't think the levels of risk are any higher when you're pregnant, unless you get your belly button or clitoris pierced, then there might be some weirdness. I'd consult my doctor if I were you...

Answered: How bad does a vampire bite piercing hurt?

uh, vampires do exist... and duh, it hurts! think about two sharp fangs sinking through ur neck slowly... ouch! if u gotbitten by one, ud know it... and ur neck is really important! it only lasts for like, 9 seconds, though. some say some vampires have this saliva that helps with the pain.
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Can eucalyptus oil be used for newly pierced ears?

Yes, it is very good for healing wounds and fighting infections. It might sting a little bit when first used.

Ear piercing

I remember when I got my daughters ears pierced they healed pretty fast, maybe a month or something like that. I would wait two or three months just to be sure. With my next child I would wait to pierce her ears until she was older. I don't really see the point of piercing a baby. I used to think it ...

What arent you aloud to do while first haveing a new lip piercing

No kissing for the first few weeks as this can introduce bad bacteria to the new piercing.

Why would someone pierce their lip?

I don't think there's anything 'strange' about a lip piercing, but like all other exterior modifications including clothes and hair, the piercing and jewelry you choose will make the difference in whether you look classy, or trashy...fine line, choose wisely.