What happened to WTAE Scott Stiller?

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Answered: How is marine Scott Ostrom doing today!!??? April 2012

This is a chance like no other as much as just by continuing the work I'm as of now doing, I'll eventually locate a Vistaprint Coupons I like. It has been sophisticated. Newer Vistaprint Coupons types also have these capacities, enabling them to be utilized in this way. It would make a lot of sense ...

Answered: Ben Stiller.....................

No way! I thought Ben Stiller was great in the first one, and I can't wait to see the second!

Answered: Dred Scott V; the Democrats.

Speaking as yet another of innumerable black Marines, let me say that democrats have always failed to persecute us back to the bottom as they have always wished. In fact, I have never known ANY black person who voted Democrat, because of trhe Democrats long and bitter track record of racist bigotry ...

Answered: Scott Bail

Amara, Try www.zabasearch.com Anna, Sparky's Mom

Answered: Scott Walker Against Recall At CPAC 2012: Agree?

I've thought removing the electoral college was a great idea for years. Ever since learning that they don't HAVE to give their votes to the people their citizens voted for. They can do whatever they damn well please, for whoever they want. I'd be first in line to vote for getting rid of that. Maybe ...

Answered: What did Scott Pelley do before he was on 60 Minutes?

He has worked for CBS since 1989, mostly as a political/national affairs correspondant. Before that, he was a local journalist at several Texas stations.
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Why does Ben Stiller infiltrate the Smithsonian institute....

I thought he was just there because he was down on his luck and accepted a job as night watchman at the museum. Here is a synposis from amazon.com: An irresistible concept meets computer-generated wonders in Night at the Museum, inspired by a 1993 children's book by Milan Trenc. Ben Stiller stars ...

Did General Winfield Scott own any slaves?

More than likely. During the civil war era, if you were a wealthy, or even somewhat wealthy, white land owner, you owned slaves. North, south, didn't really matter. George Washington owned slaves.

WHAT happened to scott and susie on shipping wars

Looks like they were replaced by a younger couple. At least Jen the cutie is still on.

Decendants of General Winfield Scott

Tasha, do you know if General Scott's sister Mary was Mary Elizabeth Scott who married James Wylie, a plantation owner and teacher from White Sulphur Springs, WV. They later moved to Wichita, KS? Mary Scott was my great grandmother and I've been told that she was either the sister or niece of ...