what happened to tommy on siberia?

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Answered: Did tommy really die in the show siberia?

No, they are all actors. Seems like a pretty stupid show. They would not have continued if someone actually died. They try to make it dramatic cause it's reality drama.

Answered: Tommy Creech of Calhoun, Louisiana

To learn everything you need to know about me (Tommy Creech) go to www.youtube.com/tc71291 if you want to know more , why not ask me

Answered: TOMMY JOE ALLEN'S DEATH ON 6.12.2009

Did he open a copy of Pravda by mistake, read a few words, and bore himself to death? It is possible only with leftist supermarket tabloids.

Answered: Information on Tommy Clark and the Shadows, (music group)

Information re: Tommy Clark (Shadows) is available from tigerlcdc@yahoo.com

Answered: Does anyone need information on tommy creech. Just ask

All they have to is ask me, I am Tommy Creech
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