what happened to the young man on TMZ who had long blonde hair and wore a baseball hat?

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Answered: Beach theme embroidered baseball hats where can i locate, Peace Love and

try to look some on the malls or in your local market.

Answered: Long or Short Hair?

it's both mood and what looks good on you :) i love it long but i had to cut it recently cos it's was almost shedding! but it's fun now, i like it and just growing it back..

Answered: How often should I cut my hair if I'm trying to let it grow out as long

yes a small trim is required every couple of months to keep ends healthy. but you should also use a good shampoo and conditoner that contains protein so that your hair will stay strong and will not break or become damaged. also use a deep conditoner once or twice a week. thats how i grew mine out!

Answered: Who wore #20 in baseball

Luis Gonzales wore #20 in baseball. http://www.trampolinesoutlet.co.uk/

Answered: Looking for gray baseball cap by nautica

http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GPTB_enUS334US334&q=looking+for+gray+baseball+cap+by+nautica +

Answered: What shade of blonde would i do best witj i am a blonde thats gone grey

It's hard to say without actually seeing your shade of blonde. I think your best option is to go to a local salon and see what they suggest. Good luck!
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