what happened to the "bet" show being mary jane?

what happened to the "bet" show being mary jane?

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Answered: What happens if I bet more than I have?

In the vast majority of cases,betting more than you have is likely to lead to very bad times.You will end up borrowing money from friends and family who will eventually look upon you as a pariah and despise you. You will end up dodging them and lying,probably making your life a mess.Do not bet more ...

Answered: Wife and I bet $100 but she cheats. Decision to the crowd, you are

You (both) did NOT define properly the "bet terms". Without doing so any system she uses is ok !. It's clear that you did not mean it (in that way she could easily sent 1,000 e-mails in an hour) but you did not put any limits and that was your mistake. Take it as a lesson and be more careful next ...

Answered: Ever Seen The Virgin Mary in a Tree?

No, and I don't see one here either.

Answered: Moneypenny I am direct decenit of William and Mary Jane Kenney.

I found that I am a direct descendit of William and Mary Jane Kenney orig from Ireland. Immegrated to West Virginia.

Answered: Jane

Discernment? http://bit.ly/aPauwc
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Saint Mary can show up any where she wants to. Atheists are all so scared and superstitious that they have to play games, but that is cause they don't know any thing that is worth knowing.

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pakistan is always in the highlight of betting... there is nothing new for them... such a people are not played for their nation.

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