what happened to the baby elephant who cried?

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Answered: How can i understand why my baby is crying?

In my case with my 1st born son, I give him a milk. If he still crying then give him baby food, but if he is still crying you should check his diaper if there is no poop on his diaper then check his body temperature.

Answered: Tips for soothing crying babies

This web site covers a wide range of reasons babies cry, and how to soothe them.

Answered: Crying Baby

It could be baby colic . Sometimes if a baby cries for prolonged periods of time, usually 3 hours or more, and nothing seems to help, it could be that you have a colicky baby. You should schedule an appt. with your pediatrician and they may recommend that you see an osteopathic physician to help ...

Answered: What's the best way to console my baby at bedtime?

If your baby is an infant rocking and nursing may help. Also make sure he or she doe snot have trapped gas and burp your baby well after a feed.

Answered: Some people say that babies cry to strengthen their lungs. Is there any

Well, babies cry for a reason. And when they do, they are kind of training their lungs. But this does not mean that the more they cry, the better lungs they will have, or that they need to cry to train the lungs! The less babies cry, the better for them, so no worries about the lungs, they will be ...

Answered: My daughter had severe colic and I am currently pregnant again. Will my

No, each baby is different! Try to stay calm and relaxed because stress during pregnancy can affect the baby. Colic is due to many causes and many factor can influence a baby's growth. For you new baby, make sure to know what to do. I recommend learning baby massage and natural colic remedies ...
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Does the loudness of a babies cry reflect that they are more hungry or

The first signal you'll get from your baby may be a cry. In the early weeks this will probably come when the baby is hungry and later will include not only being hungry, but also being wet, or uncomfortable. If your baby cries during the first few weeks, then you can respond by feeding her ...

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I would like to suggest Li'l Ones Baby & Toddler Cream . Our cream - wash - rash ointment - spritzer are made to be high quality. It is FULL of shea butter (most times you will find the quantity of ingredients in such small amounts it isn't even worth being in there - you will see the list goes ...

Elephant man (Proteus) John Merrick Baby

No. Abort! Abort! Abort!