what happened to sylvester stallones autistic son?

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Answered: Sylvester Stallone

In all honesty it's mostly steroids. Also, have you seen the Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery pictures? That also plays a factor. Who knows what else he's done other than the facial surgery.

Answered: Is frank stallone brothers with sylvester?

And his business partner

Answered: Presence of LPDAC programme in India for Autistic patients.

What's the question? If it's whether this program is underway in India, yes. Is it enough, not by a long shot.

Answered: Mt son's missin father in county cork ierland

Try this web site and see if you find anything. http://www.beenverified.com/

Answered: How to teach an autistic child to answer the questions asked ?

you need to model the answer first. for example, 'Paul what colour is the ball? its red'' What colour do you think the ball is Paul? if he doesnt know colours then you need to teach him about colours first. start with very simple answers and then build it up. you can get books on the market which ...

Answered: Junked up home for autistic child

I really don't know how to answer that, but here is the link to the National Autistic Society. http://www.nas.org.uk/nas/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=307&a=3342
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There is a new application that a researcher developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is helping autistic children communicate. Basically it is used to downloaded voice commands from iTunes. For more information see this article .

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According to Wikipedia, he wasn't autistic, and you can see what happened to him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Redden.

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Not all autistics have special abilities. In fact, some are so impaired they cannot function at all and must be completely cared for at home or in a special facility from birth to death. Rainman was a fictional story. As such, it can prove nothing. In fact, if a real person was as severely ...