what happened to shanelle jones on fox philly?

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Answered: What does the fox say?

This apperantly: http://youtu.be/tGXhCG8OCfI

Answered: Why did George Lucas outfit Indiana Jones with a ...

It's like Bones says, Lucas is a name that is associated with hit moves. What is the name Anonymouse associated with?

Answered: Why Did The State Run Media Ignore Van Jones?

What did Van Jones do wrong? Questioning 9/11 is PATRIOTIC & the Patriot Act was treason being implemented upon the American people. Faux News is actually listed as an entertainment channel w/ the FCC. Look it up. While cnn, msnbc & other channels are owned by corporations, these same corps have ...
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Where is shanell jones from philly fox 29 tv?s shanell jones off fox 29

I was wondering the same thing. Where is Shanell. I really liked her. I don't like the female that is doing the news in her place. If Shanell doesn't come back I will boycott.

What happened to the beautiful Talitha Vickers? of fox35 news orlando

Talitha Vickers, a former anchor at WOFL-Channel 35, joined WESH-Channel 2 last weekend as a part-time reporter. “She knows the market,” WESH news director Bob Longo said. “Once we had an opening, it seemed like a no-brainer [to hire her].” And it’s possible viewers could be seeing a lot more of ...

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Yankees ain't hind sight wonderful

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she is sexy Verified Megan Fox Source