what happened to paula patton imposter, dana?

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Answered: Will Idol be the same with Paula?

Goodby Paulas see you in 2010 finale

Answered: Idol minus Paula

I miss laughing at Paula getting stoned.

Answered: Paula Abdul Lipsynching Super Bowl

I didn't see the performance myself but from what I understood it was quite clear she was lip syncing. I can't say I'm surprised and I'm pretty sure most Super Bowl performances were conducted this way. It's just too huge a performance to allow anything to go wrong (of course the song could have ...

Answered: What happened to Dana DeLorenzo on craig ferguson show?

She's no longer on the show - her character has been retired.

Answered: Should Paula come back to 'Idol'?

WHY???????????????Because every one laughs at the stoned lady
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Paula Deens puppy

Gracie is a old yellow lab.

Paula Abdul: Too Nice For Tv?

Paula Abdul gets misjudged a lot, and people seem to love spreading false rumors about her. They need her on Idol simply because she IS nice. But I really wish she would make some new music. I loved her as a performer. Rush Rush is just a classic song that I love.

What Did Paula Deen Expect?

This is one woman I can not stand. She is everywhere and she is just a greasy old Southern cook who somehow has won the hearts and minds of too many. I can not pull up the video so do not know exactly what she said but if it had to do with diabetes this womans cooking will not do you any favors if ...

Is Paula Cole married?

She was married to the Moroccan musician Hassan Hakmoun, but the marriage fell apart. She has a daughter (I think there's a problem with the daughter or something, but I'm not sure).