what happened to Orlena on dr phil in 2007 that was married but in love with her previous husband?

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Answered: Mercades Nichols and Dr. Phil

I think they should bring that bitch to the hood of los angeles and see if she can handle herself... The bitch needs to go to jail for the rest of her sorry ass life... And as far as the rest that were there watching. Send their sorry asses to iraq and let them fight all they want.. And send the ...

Answered: What are the names and ages of Dr. Phil's children /

Jay McGraw- born in 1979 & Jordan McGraw- born in 1986 Hope this helps!

Answered: Dr. Phil Getting divorced

You guys are so gullible!! Or maybe just stupid...they're in the Cayman Islands on vacation as we speak!!

Answered: Dr. Phil is a Real Doctor

He will be 59 years old on September 1.

Answered: Still wonder about the first love

If you're married with kids, I'd say let it go. Not that it would be a bad thing to contact him to find out how he's doing, but because if your husband found out it wouyld definitely cause problems.

Answered: What happens if marital agreement papers are ...

Well if you have legal documentation agreed upon and signed by a judge... I would say call an attorney and ask... I would think you could contest the will in place... since there is an order that was signed during the divorce... but the only way that will happen is by hiring an attorney... sounds ...
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See love only knows to give and never expect. But yes, if the other person starts taking you for granted, its better to escape.

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all men feel like Dr. Phil in the inside. They feel like they know everything. He wants to help this woman w/ her problems. He is just being a friendly co-worker to her. But if u think tht it is inappropriate then u should stand ur ground. tell him again. since him and the woman r both maried ...

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