what happened to margret hoover on fox news?

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Answered: Fox News

Rocmike claims he's dead but judging by the sad lonely pathetic life he has he only wishes he was dead. How can anyone do nothing but post every hour of every day? Yesterday i put long posts under his aliases answers so today he put his porn on them as soon as he posted them. What is he proving by ...

Answered: What happened elizabeth hasback with fox news?

The Berkeley Barb demanded that she get a lobotomy so that she would be no more intelligent than your stereotypical leftist fool. Fox took that under advisement. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Fox news continues to censure and block people from fox news, from their

Rocmike the poop posting schizo has spent another day of doing nothing but posting yet he complains about everything. You do nothing to contribute to society but leech of the tax payers. You have posted under your aliases Ignorant, Physicst, Renner, Bill Jones, Harley Spirit, The former Ladydarko ...

Answered: What does the fox say?

This apperantly: http://youtu.be/tGXhCG8OCfI
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The term, conservative, means that we think about what we do and decide matters rationally. That is the way to think: clearly, deliberately, and rationally. Irrational firebrands, racists, and mindless extremists, always oppose rational thought because it won't fill their back pocket with bribes ...

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