what happened to len from the len and joe show?

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Answered: Best lens

Considering the fact that you use a D80, I believe that you won't go on a high end lens. in that case I'll suggest two very similar models- Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Tokina 12-24 f/4 AT-x 124AF IMO, the Tokina is better because of its aperture.

Answered: What is the best lens to use in taking close ups?

well it depends- 1- 50mm is an amazing lens for a 1 meter closeup. most 50mm lenses are sharp and clean for that. 2- 70-200 from a few meters give you a close up to the face as in this 3- 70-300 is also one hell of a lens, and cheaper than the 70-200

Answered: Is there a joes crab shack in mobile al

here is another link to it https://sites.google.com/site/cryptidkingdom/

Answered: Did the Scandal Kill Joe Paterno?

I did 4.5 years in Cancer Research for a big hospital plus administered chemo to patients and teaching. Cancer most assuredly can get you faster than you think if you are burdened by secrets or have not cleaned out your past. Cancer thrives on internal upheavel and sins of the past. Lady Darko

Answered: Sloppy Joes for a crowd

I'm not a Martha fan, so I never read the magazine. I looked online for the large quantity recipe, but didn't see one that was specifically Martha's. I did find one of hers that serves a standard number of people; perhaps you can just do the math and increase it so it will serve a crowd? Here's the ...
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Can you use old 35mm lens on new digital cameras?

Yes, We can use the 35mm lens to a new digital camera. some of the instruction below here. First choose you have a manual focus lens or an AF-type lens. Search for the AF notations on the outside of the lens which is near to the manufacturer's name. Check the lens type against the camera's manual ...

Who is Joe Jonas dating???


Joe Jellybean's father

ed scarborough lives in san jose, ca. again, is the father of joe scarborough of the t.v. show - morning joe - come on you guys - as a former journalism student - get the facts..please.

Anybody looking to buy a nikon 18-105 VR lens ? ill sell it for a good

If you still haven't sold it, I know Cameta Camera will give you money for your previously owned cameras and accessories such as lenses. They give you a decent amount of cash too.