what happened to katie holmes knee she has a bad scar?

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Answered: Katie Holmes Heading to Broadway

I don't think this Broadway career of hers will last very long. To be on Broadway demands a lot of time and energy which she clearly has proven up to this point that she does not have.

Answered: Will Tom And Katie Boycott the Oscars?

Oh! How will hollywood every survive?

Answered: Is Katy Perry a depressing idiot? She writes a ...

How could there tribes be at war with each other? If RB and LWD could get to each other when in a hormonal frenzy, how could the tribes do it? Maybe they hurled insults and rocks at each other?

Answered: What do you think about Katie Holmes' portrayal?

Think she has the look and the Grace pretty well down pat..Much more you can't ask for in that Role.. Sweet G

Answered: Katie Holmes to hit Broadway?

I know some people have said that Katie's quality of acting has disintegrated since she married Tom... however I personally haven't really seen that. "Mad Money" was a silly movie and there wasn't much depth to her character... I don't think it was her fault. I have always loved her as an actress ...
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Good knee go bad ,favoring other why

hmmm i don't get your answer thou is it a riddle that you are experiencing some serious knee pain

Katie and Suri-- overexposed?

Personally i could care less about celebrity drama. they were just like everybody else before they became famous. so i think suri should have the same opportunity to make her own decision when she is old enough. children learn habits/ actions through their parents so it is very important that we ...

Katie Holmes' marriage and career

I think her career has gone down the tubes. Since meeting Tom Cruise in April 2005, Holmes fired her manager (in late 2005), changed agents and discharged her publicist. All had been her longtime allies. Is this possible Cruise has too much control over her? Then, she got pregnant and only after ...

Knee Cap dislocation after Conformis total knee replacement

As it is a joint part, so it may take a year to cure. I know it pains a lot but try to bear the pain, still if it goes worse then go according to the doctor. Else consult with some other doctor.