what happened to justin biebers baby mama?

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Answered: When is justin bieber coming to philadelphia

he is coming november 14 at the wells fargo center

Answered: Is Justin Bieber going to have another tour? And if so where will he be

please open beiberfeaver@com and you'll get all the answers

Answered: I heard Justin Bieber hates North Korea? Whats up ...

why would he like it? They are an Enemy to us..

Answered: Are You Sick of Justin Bieber?

No way, I have pure Bieber fever :)

Answered: Justin Bieber: Anti-abortion?

\abortion is rather cruel, everyone of us has equal rights, so we should ban abortion and make the baby survive.every life is precious.
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A baby sings 'Baby'!

Brilliant. Great song, great performance. Well done that kid.

Bieber, Rlly?

Why wouldn't you try to be like Justin Bieber? He is famous and a multi-millionaire. Heck if he can be discovered off YouTube why not others? Seriously though, I think the world can only take 1 JB.

Justin Bieber 'Fever'

You dont know who justin bieber is???????? Whats wrong with you????? No beiber fever- rock on

Will Justine Bieber Make a Good Dad?

He is a child himself and from what I have seen of him on the BBC he is a childish child and certainly should not even be thinking of becoming a father. However when you dip your stick you get a sticky wicket and that is what he has done along with so many other men in this world in positions of ...