What happened to Jenna wolfe on the today show?

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Answered: Dr hoodoo is indeed a true spell caster contact him today via hoodoo

If this Dr. Hoodoodoodoo is such a great spell caster, why isn't he off enjoying the fruits of his spells instead of advertising in a place like this?

Answered: What are some of the greatest allegories you know today?

The Thomas Covenant series by Donaldson, The Ring Trilogy by Tolkein, and Animal Farm come to mind. There are many. What is your favorite donut?

Answered: Jenna Bush and Henry Hager's wedding

A room in White House.. Mary - wedding rings

Answered: Account cancelled????

Because your question had a reply, AOL probably ignored you. They do not monitor AOL Answers for questions that did not get a good answer. They do occasionally try to answer questions about AOL. If you were asking about AOL I would say to check Help, Manage My Account.

Answered: How do you win the "Lone Wolf" battle on Halo: Reach?

the level is not meant 2 be beaten. and btw not evry spartan died on reach; kelly,fred, and linda made it to onyx along with doctor halsey and mendez.they got trapped inside onyx, in a shield world. dont know how long they survived tho.read ghosts of onyx.

Answered: Help with husky wolf mix dog

A pink nose and mouth is normal if it hasn't changed color.
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Who'll get invited to Jenna Bush's wedding?

I think that they will invite the people that they are comfortable with. Just like other people, I don't think it's advisable to invite your enemies or people who will don't wish you well.

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Why Was Naomi Wolf Arrested?

you can go on line and read all about the arrest. no i don't. the cops and the government just have way too much power. don't know what is in store for this country that i used to love

Y dont guys ever wolf whistle

Because we're not allowed to any more. I wish we could show open appreciation for a woman's looks, but that would be "sexist" and "demeaning".