what happened to jason hawes wife?

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Answered: My wife has her period, but she sats that she feels like she is ovulating

ovulation happens between periods, So if you bleed on day one, you should ovulate on day 14, JayR

Answered: Do you know jason kerchenko?

Have you tried the following websites? They might help: http://www.anywho.com/ http://pipl.com/ http://www.peoplesearchlinks.com/

Answered: How do you find out who your soon to be ex wife ...

Do you think someone out there keeps a list of who everyone is cheating with? Hire a private investigator.
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Can my wife collect her Social Security and me not lose my Veterans

2 FX. U get Ur VA & SSI-SSA. She gets her SSA-SSI-other ret'ment. Talk 2 congressman.

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I have heard some old men praying about stiffness. I have also heard that one should be careful about what one prays for- sometime you get it.

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Sofia Lee, Thanks so much for answering so quickly. I'm a "big" Sherlock Holmes fan especially with Basil Rathbone, so I was hoping there was a connection! Thanks, Dee Robetin@aol.com

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Yes, Gary is Jasons father. He is an educator and producer living in Los Angeles