What happened to downsized tv show?

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Answered: Led tv

The loons are loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: Since life is profits over people how can the ...

Socialism has always existed by threats, violence, and atrocity. Those who advocate for socialism know it and wannt to sell you out to that sort of hell on earth that you must escape on an inner tube. But: As we realize the actual charater of leftists and their bitter cynicism, we also realize ...

Answered: Ft Lee px tv sales

Did you have a question, or was this just an advertisement?

Answered: How do i get facebook on the tv

Go for a big screen led tv from samsung. you can run internet and enjoy social media on it. check out new Samsung UA55ES6800M 55 Inch LED TV for using facebook and other social media on tv screen.

Answered: How to make a tv picture cover the hole screen

you mean Whole screen You can't the picture is formated that way Just use your remote and change to a different Format.
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Samsung has lots of good option in led TV and flat TV with awesome picture quality i have good experience with samsung led TV you can it from this URL http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/led-tv/ i think you will get help

Why my large TV tyrnes off every 2 minutes

It loves you. Take the hint next time it turns itself off and go do something else.

How do I make the TV picture to cover the intire screen

There should be a button on your remote that says wide or something like. Try that.