what happened to cast of Breaking Amish tv show?

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Answered: What happened to the original cast of big rig bounty hunters

Looks like they did a little re-casting. Only 1 team is original. The other 2 are new. And it appears they're concentrating solely on the Ohio area. Last year, they had them all over the country.

Answered: What happened to flipping vegas

the only thing "flipped" in Vegas are the visitors with money in their pockets and then (after their pockets are spilled out) they get FREE flipped pancakes and are sent home, Broke! It is a "suckers paradise" but good entertainment and hot hookers.

Answered: What happen to revenge? I wasn't aware of a break, they just came back a

Sounds like Revenge series are hot in current TV field, also i am a fan of it, accually you should get a Revenge DVD to enjoy if less time to watching in virgin screen showing.

Answered: Led tv

The loons are loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, I live in Lancaster Pa. Home to the oldest old order Amish settlements in the world. The Amish here, live like they lived back in the 1800's. They wear the same type of clothing. To see some Amish dresses check out http://stores.ebay.com/AMISH-MENNONITE-DRESS They ride in a buggy pulled by a ...

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