what happened to Billy the Exterminator Show?

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Answered: How do I become an exterminator?Is there a school?

Check the requirements for your state. May be regulated by your agricultural dept.

Answered: What happened to Billy the Exterminator is it still on television?

Well I heard that he tried to do an exterminator show in Salt Lake City after that but it didn't take. Not sure after that. http://www.moxiepestslc.com

Answered: What would happen if appeals was eliminated from the system as a whole

I assume you mean appeals in criminal trials. Disaster would happen. Procedural errors are made in trials that have nothing to do with the guilt or non guilt of the person being tried but can bias a trial so badly that it must be held again. New evidence, or a counter to evidence ...

Answered: Heard of a horse named billies bling

David & Billie Farr own the racehorse Billies Bling The horse is looking promising to earn high cash prizes over his racing years.

Answered: Tatoos

Quite a complex subject, very good article on it here: http://www.av1611.org/tattoos/bible.html
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