what happened to beth phoenix?

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Answered: Cannot sign in to aim phoenix mail account

Emailed AOL Mail Support who forwarded to their Level 2 support folks. At any rate, seems to be working now...

Answered: Project Phoenix sync problems

I am not answering this question, just adding my gripe- what the hell! I depend on this for my business. Phoenix is not working and my regular e-mail is missing 3 months of recent e-mails. CRAP!!!!

Answered: Can't log in to Phoenix - after entering username ...

Emailed AOL Mail Support who forwarded to their Level 2 support folks. At any rate, seems to be working now...

Answered: Billing/credentialing specialist jobs in Phoenix

Have you tried these web sites? http://www.mayo-clinic-jobs.com/go/Phoenix-Arizona-Medical-Billing-Jobs/15691/ http://www.simplyhired.com/a/jobs/list/q-medical+billing/l-phoenix,+az

Answered: How to get Phoenix

We are not accepting new invitations to Phoenix at this time, all our emphasis is on taking Phoenix to the next level. We will share when we have more information on timing.

Answered: Project Phoenix user name

I was forced to create a new username to access Phoenix -- what I'd really like to do is just convert my old aol address to Phoenix, but can't figure out how to do this. I've tried to request an invite, but it says that I'm already using Phoenix.
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I was invited to join Project Phoenix and in the ...

are you not able to access the Invite link to create a new account? is there an error? Can you share your user name with me at mailproduct@aol.com along with a screen shot on what you are seeing so I can hep resolve.

I have exactly the same problem, come on Phoenix, fix it!!

My Phoenix account has a Spam folder. However, when I open my "old" AOL account malcolmsfrost@aol.com, there is accumulated spam mail, which I have to examine, and delete. Why does't AOL jumk get delivered to my Phoenix account?

What is Project Phoenix's total storage space? Any limitations? Thank

No, there are no limitations. Do continue to update us if you are seeing any issues with storage.

I filled out my details for phoenix but cannot find it on computer now

You should receive a Phoenix invite which you can then use to create a new account and access Phoenix with that account. To access Phoenix sign in to: http://phoenix.aol.com