What happened to Aneta Corsaut on Andy Griffith show?

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Answered: Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith is alive and well in coastal North Carolina. He's married to Cindy Knight, a former citizen of Jacksonville, Florida. They are happily married, live on a large ranch. Andy doesn't do many if any interviews. He's very, very private and is quite different than the Andy Taylor of the Andy ...

Answered: What happened to Andy Rooney?

Well, he's very old. He could well be ill.

Answered: Is andy rooney an atheist?

And I only thought he was just another stereotypical leftist wackaloon.............

Answered: The Andy Griffith show Why are portions of the ...

videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F756ZX9a2zI

Answered: How many still living on andy griffith?

Andy Samuel Griffith: (sheriff andy taylor) born June 1, 1926 (84 years) Jesse Donald "Don" Knotts: (deputy barney fife) July 21, 1924 - February 24, 2006. Frances Elizabeth Bavier: (aunt bee) December 14, 1902 - December 6, 1989. Ronald William "Ron" Howard: (opie taylor, andy's son) born March ...

Answered: Andy Griffith Show

Hey earl brain was that the dipsy wife of the man who played barney fife ? I am curious god bless nanade
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