What happened to Amy Robachs ex-husband?

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Answered: What really happened to me?

What.......what already bubbala????????? When.....Where.....How???? Only you know!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: My husband was married and dioverce but still comunicating what i don't

He's WITH YOU! Sounds like YOU are just insecure to me. Maybe you need to see a therapist... Good Luck. Sincerely,

Answered: I call my ex, now married but he doesn't call me why? It seems he enjoys

i think you are all wrong if she is calling him and he is to polite to say dont call me all he would have to do is not answer!! done end of story but he does so right their by him answering their is a break down in communicxationn with whomever he is married to either he is not getting the ...

Answered: Ex-husband's Girlfriend Destroying me and my son's life

Sounds like it's time to take him to court again and your son is 15 thats old enough to make the dissison for himself befor the magestrate Fessenden/lyric Google "Slingatre
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Why Getting Back With Your Ex?

This is totally worth it. you've gotta see it for yourself. http://newmywhymenleavesite.com/articles/newsletter/why-you-should-get-back-together-with-your-ex/

Can my ex-husband sue me?

Your name is your business. No one can force you to change it unless they can show your use of the name is causing clear harm. Which is impossible because there's absolutely no way in hell having your last name can cause harm in any way. If they sue, the chances are about 99% that it will be thrown ...

Ex hubby

I am confused , are you married to someone else now ??

Ex-husband court ordered to refinance

First of all contact the attorney of record and as if you say it was court ordered and is in the divorce decree was so court ordered and it so states that it is he is IN CONTEMPT OF A COURT ORDER. As for your credit that is hard to do but you work is cut out for you As your diviorce decree should be ...