what happened in beijing 3.19]?

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Answered: Where to go in Beijing?

The big tourist spots: The Forbidden City The Temple of Heaven The Great Wall at Badaling The Summer Palace The Ming Tombs

Answered: What is the best place to visit in Beijing?

Beijing is a big place, try browsing around on Hello Beijing

Answered: What is chapter 19

The best way to explain chapter 19 is this, when a person in their 70's thinks they have the answer to everyone problems on AOLanswers, and the people they give their wisdom to just shake there head. Chapter 19.

Answered: Where can I buy thai silk in Beijing?

5 Dashilangjie, Qian Men Wai Beijing, 11 100051 China +86 10 6303 5313 Open Hours9am-8.30pm daily.

Answered: In changing planes on same airline in Beijing ...

You will be required to go through through customs where ever your plane lands and you decide to leave the airport. If your planes lands in Beijing and you are leaving the arrival area to go on a domestic flight, you will be required to go thru customs/immigration in Beijing and then leave the ...

Answered: Money Exchange for Beijing Departures at the Airport

It's almost always best to exchange 2nd-world and 3rd-world money into dollars, euros or pounds as you are leaving a country, and not expect to find a bank that will accept their currency when you arrive in a 1st-world nation.
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-8+(-4)+19= -8 -4 +19 = -12 +19 = +7

Beijing Bird Nest Stadium Tour?

Were you on CNN last week? They did a story about touring the Bird's Nest.

Radio transmission from flight 19

I tried looking for that, but didn't find anything on Google.

When 19 and when a 21-gun salute?

A 21 gun salute is reserved for heads of state, such as the President of the U.S. Deputy heads of state (e.g. such as the Vice President of the U.S. and cabinet officers and 5-star officers; 4-star officers receive 17 gun salute 3-star 15, etc.