what happen to the vicks inhalers?

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Answered: Inhaled cremated remains

Aside from the ickyness factor, nothing much. It's just ash.

Answered: Does Vick deserve another shot?

NO WAY! He's a disgraceful human being and doesn't deserve a second chance at anything.

Answered: Should Vick get another chance at playing?

Yes he should, but on serton conditions

Answered: Pills instead of steroid inhalers?

you should talk to a specialist doctor about this matter. you can search web. its helpful. source:http://orderperformer5.com/

Answered: HELP! Inhaler needed

make an appointment to see your doctor so he can give you a script for the inhaler.

Answered: Has Michael Vick paid his dues?

He paid his dues, got his second chance, made the most of it and now he is back on top. NIKE OR ADDIDAS IS NEXT. If you are mad now wait until you see the contract he gets this year! It has to be 80 to 100 million! Go Vick!
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Dogs and vicks humidifier

I think you should ask your veterinarian to be 100% sure.

Should Michael Vicks stay in Jail & let the terrorists go free

LOLOLOLOL they play decapitate and use the head for the ball.

Michael Vick's suspension- how much times does Indefinitely stand for?

Looks like it depends on how well he cooperates with federal and state authorities.

Michael Vick and Eagles

Do leopards change their spots? Do animal abusers change? Don't believe this guy has changed and given another chance he'd do the same thing for money. His sentence was a joke. I would not watch him play ever. The punishment doesn't fit his crime!