what happen to the "Little Couple"?

what happen to the "Little Couple"?

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Answered: Do couples have to fully disrobe for a couple's massage?

It all depends on what type of missage you get and who gives it if you want a rub down go to an airport and let the TSA do it for you as they don't miss a thing on you.

Answered: I have a fantastic little black dress that has ...

What's your question?It's hard to know.But I think it must be something concerning Designer Prom Dresses .If you have some questions about it,you may ask google.

Answered: Where do I go to apply for one of those Little Green Energy Shovel Ready

Far right extremist social conservative racist hate mongering birther teabagers are the dumbest group of people God has put on the planet. He did this so everyone else could feel better about themselves.

Answered: Celebrity Couples

I'd like to see Joel Madden and long-time girlfriend Nicole Richie stay together, at least for the sake of their children. I think children benefit when their parents are together and happy.

Answered: The Little Prince

you are welcome (the little prince idem are copyright by the Saint Exupery heirs.)
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Couple of the year

I agree Euphoricspy. It's True Will and Jada Smith by popular demand has made the #1 couple. While brad and Angie will always be a item it has been ruled that the Smith's have it this year.

When is little christmas

Jan 6th which the Episcopal Church calls Epiphany. Little Christmas is an old fashioned name I learned from my grandmother who was a native of Hatteras, NC