what happen to enzyme during a chemical reaction?

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Answered: Limiting factor of Catalase and hydrogen peroxide reaction

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Answered: What is the chemical equation for the reaction between propanoic acid and

2C3H6O2 + 2Na = 2Na(C3H5O2) + H2 is a possible reaction where the sodium is oxidized and hydrogen is reduced.

Answered: Want to buy carpet cleaning chemical from eplo

You can visit http://www.bulkwholesale.com.au/ and buy all the carpet cleaning products and solution. Worth visiting it.

Answered: Digestive enzymes & breastfeeding.

I would recommend that you speak to your GP before taking any supplements, natural or otherwise, when you are still breastfeeding. Although some mothers find digestive enzymes to be helpful, if they feel their babies are sensitive to something in their breastmilk, a lot of herbal ...

Answered: What are some dangerous chemical reactions you can get from common hazmat

Working with hazardous materials entails a course run by OSHA, and their joint feasors with the specified employer. Materials Safety Data Sheets are posted for each material subject to hazardous classification.

Answered: What chemical reaction happens in the brain for potty training at night

It doesn't have to do with 'chemicals' it has to do with repetition.. By showing the kid what you do and by taking them to their potty, sitting them down and explaining what they should do when they need to go over and over again will teach them far better than relying on some biological element to ...
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