what guns were used in newtown?

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Answered: What gun was really used at newtown?

According to the media articles I read, there were three guns, two pistols and a semi-auto Bushmaster M-16 look-a-like. The news media, at least, reports that the Bushmaster was used almost exclusively.

Answered: Gun sales sky high after Newtown shooting ...

Nature sets an iron law that no species has ever violated: anyone who cannot or will not defend their life is doomed as is the whole species. Persons with any understanding of nature understand that intuitively. So, greatbear, if you wish to be the next lemming that ends its life by being ...

Answered: Charter newtown ph0ne number ?

we are not privy to that information here at AOLanswers. Call 411 for assistance.

Answered: Guns and Santa

This doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadliest threat in the world to little children is Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legos are brightly colored to attract little children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the children put them in their mouths and a moment later the child is dead having strangled to death on ...

Answered: Where can i buy a harpoon gun

Harpoons are weapons used in the taking of marine mammals and large fishes. Most commercial fisheries prefer the more efficient method of purse and drag seining. Harpoons are inhumane and inefficient. However, Russian, North Korean, and Yemeni whaling fleets still exist and use these disgusting ...

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