what guns were used at sandy hook?

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Answered: Father of Sandy Hook Victim Heckled by Gun Advocates

Wacko the majority of the American people support Obama's gun plan. The only ones who maybe asking for impeachment are you far right extremist nut jobs that even the republicans are trying to distance themselves from. Obama's approval rating is climbing fool.

Answered: Sandy Hook School Emails Deleted

Hi Tom: I do apologize for the inconvenience. Our AOL Mail Support Team may be able to assist you further. Please reach out to them via Web form here: http://t.co/0a6HwpM Thank you.

Answered: Reference to Sandy Hook in Movie 'Jersey Girl'

No, I did not find the answer. I thought the "I found the answer" button was a gateway to any number of possible answers. I still do not have an answer to my question. Does anyone have any idea?

Answered: 100 more die in gun related violence in US since Sandy Hook! http://www

Well, we got Greatbear-Tadpole's word on that. Pity no leftist ever checked out yet.

Answered: Guns and Santa

This doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadliest threat in the world to little children is Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legos are brightly colored to attract little children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the children put them in their mouths and a moment later the child is dead having strangled to death on ...

Answered: Is there a baby Sandy in toledo who needs help. someone came to our door

I hope you didn't give, call police and report it. Don't let scam artist get away with it.
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It is unnerving that Tobin Carter has such strong support from our leftist liberal minority. One disgusting leftist liberal tome I found with that devilish contrivance was The Anarchist Cookbook. Frankly I wish I had never been assigned that horrific book to review when I was in college but I read ...

Sandy hook shooting: What was the weapon used to murder all those people

It wouldn't matter: if a leftist liberal gets ANYTHING -- fuel for a car -- ANYTHING -- they will use it as a weapon. Leftists invented the Molotov Cocktail. Only leftists use them.

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Whaling is an obscenity. Leftist nations are the last to commit this practice. Russian and Muslim whaling fleets prowl the antarctic waters. The blood they spill is the noblest that ever swam. Thanks be to leftists for they perpetuate whaling. They alone would drive the whale to extinction.