what guns did adam lanza use pistol or rifle?

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Answered: What are the best water guns out there right now for kids? I want to

Water guns equal water damage . LOL! I think that you can find perfectly good water guns at any store, like Target.

Answered: I'm assuming that Adam and Eve was a blind date ...

I am here just to post something related to my service which I am providing to clients worldwide.I am more concentrated on making clients happy with best service in quality, fast work, before the deadline. You will get service at affordable rate and high quality service. Believe me .You wont ...

Answered: How much is my rifle worth?

Hi Dealmaker, The best advice I can give you is this. Seeing that Obama is threatening our 2nd amendment rights, let me make this suggestion. If your not already a memeber of the NRA join now and aslo to a newer club that is another great orgamization to join up with and that is the USCCA, THAT'S ...

Answered: Raptor Guns Where can I get parts for Raptor Rifles ?

I am not a professional and would not be good for answering gun questions.

Answered: Rifle Caliber

I bought one for my Barrett rifle from Eurooptic . check out http://www.eurooptic.com/barrett-82a1-rifles.aspx

Answered: sell a Rifle Gun Stock

You might possibly be able to list it on www.gunbroker.com; you've got nothing to lose by checking it out. Failing that, you may have to try to sell it to a dealer at a local gun show (though it might not be worth it if you only have one item to sell).
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How Much Is My Rifle Worth?

dDEALMAKER916, I AM NOT AN APPRAISER OF GUNS/RIFLES, however I do have a suggestion for you. I belong to the USCCA, better known as the United States Concealed Carry Association. I do believe that they are still having a 7 day trial membership for people to be able to test drive the website. The ...

Where to buy black metal pistol grip caps and black end caps for

Try at this site. They sell lots of stockmaking tools and accessories. www.brownells.com Here's another place that could have what you're looking for www.gunpartscorp.com

32 pistol

I would just check out a weapon store in your area and see if they have it. If not, maybe they can order it for you. If it's very new, then you might have to look around a bit or have it ordered, but I'm sure you can find one. Good luck.

Can you shoot 357 magnum ammunition in a 40 calliber semi automatic

Absolutely not. Doing that will very likely destroy your pistol, and quite possibly your hands.